UM24 2019

UM Arena, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
16-17 November 2019

UM24 2019

This is a 24 hours run around 400m track in UM Arena in University of Malaya.  Modeled after the Soo Chow 24hrs International Ultra Marathon in Taiwan, UM24 aims to grow into the premier event for the South East Asia region. There will also be 2 x 12 hours run and 4 x 6 hours run. 24 hour runners will run on lane 2 & 3, with lane 3 being used for overtaking; 12 hours and 6 hours runners will run on lane 4, 5 and 6, with lane 6 being used for overtaking. 

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of UM24 in 2019, we are bringing in an exciting new concept into this race. For this year, besides the above time-based race formats, there will also be a new distance-based general category as below:

1). Full Marathon of 42.2km; (COT:6 hours)
2). 50 km; (COT: 8 hours)
3). 100 km; (COT:18 hours)
4). 100 miles; (COT: 26 hours)

These categories will share Lane 7 & 8. Lane 8 will be used for overtaking.


Start: 8.00 am, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 8.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)


Start: 8.00 am, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 8.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)

Start: 8.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 8.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)


Start: 8.00 am, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 2.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)

Start: 2.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 8.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)

Start: 8.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 2.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)

Start: 2.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)
Finish: 8.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)

100 miles - 26 hours

Start: 6.00 am, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 8.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)

100 km - 18 hours

Start: 2.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 8.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)

50 km - 8 hours

Start: 8.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 4.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)

42.2 km - 6 hours

Start: 8.00 pm, 16 November 2019 (Saturday)
Finish: 2.00 am, 17 November 2019 (Sunday)

6 Hours

Early Bird: RM 150
Standard: RM 190
Late Entry: RM 230

Early Bird: RM 130
Standard: RM 170
Late Entry: RM 190

12 Hours

Early Bird: RM 190
Standard: RM 230
Late Entry: RM 270

Early Bird: RM 170
Standard: RM 210
Late Entry: RM 230

24 Hours

Early Bird: RM 220
Standard: RM 270
Late Entry: RM 310

Early Bird: RM 200
Standard: RM 250
Late Entry: RM 280


Early Bird: RM 150
Standard: RM 190
Late Entry: RM 230

Early Bird: RM 130
Standard: RM 170
Late Entry: RM 190


Early Bird: RM 170
Standard: RM 210
Late Entry: RM 250

Early Bird: RM 150
Standard: RM 190
Late Entry: RM 220


Early Bird: RM 220
Standard: RM 260
Late Entry: RM 300

Early Bird: RM 200
Standard: RM 240
Late Entry: RM 280


Early Bird: RM 250
Standard: RM 290
Late Entry: RM 330

Early Bird: RM 230
Standard: RM 270
Late Entry: RM 310

Unisex Athlete-Fit2XS17″17″24″
Unisex Athlete-FitXS18″18″25″
Unisex Athlete-FitS19″19″26″
Unisex Athlete-FitM20″20″27″
Unisex Athlete-FitL21″21″28″
Unisex Athlete-FitXL22″22″29″
Unisex Athlete-Fit2XL23″23″30″

Size Chart & Measurement Guide

  1. All measurements above subject to +/-0.5 tolerance
  2. Tapered curve bottom at the back specially designed for athletic movements, enhancing flexibility and performance.
  3. Half chest to be measured from left to right seam, 1″ down from the armpit joint.
  4. Half waist to be measured from left to right seam on the waist line.
  5. Shirt length to be measured from the highest tip of the shoulder to the bottom hem.


24 Hours MenTop 3 runners
24 Hours WomenTop 3 runners
12 Hours (Day) MenTop 3 runners
12 Hours (Day) WomenTop 3 runners
12 Hours (Night) MenTop 3 runners
12 Hours (Night) WomenTop 3 runners
6 Hours (Day 1 & 2) MenTop 3 runners
6 Hours (Day 1 & 2) WomenTop 3 runners
6 Hours (Night 1 & 2) MenTop 3 runners
6 Hours (Night 1 & 2) WomenTop 3 runners
100 miles Men / Women*Top 3 runners
100 km Men / Women*Top 3 runners
50 km Men / Women*Top 3 runners
FM Men / Women*Top 3 runners
* Subject to the number of participants


TIMING CHIP A timing chip attached to the personalized bib will be included in the race entry pack.

CERTIFICATE Runners who have completed the minimum distance of respective categories will be presented a framed certificate.

WATER STATION 1 water station beside Lane 1 for 24-hours runners; 2 water stations besides Lane 9 for 12-hours / 6-hours and Distance-based categories.

MEDIC 2 Medic team will be standby at UM Arena.

REST AREA 6 tents will be set up as rest area for all runners.

TOILET 4 portable toilet will be placed inside UM Arena.

PARKING UM has plenty of parking space, especially during the weekends.

Event Schedule


Race Pack Collection


*  All race packs are to be collected 1-2 hours before the start of each respective categories


The UM24 will be conducted according to the IAAF Rules and IAU Guidelines as much as possible.

Special attention for the following actions:

Forbidden are:

  1. Pacing and being accompanied by any athletes who are not in the same event category; e.g. 12 hours category cannot pace the 24 hours category runners, and any runner who has retired during the event must take no further part at all to pace or accompany runners who are still racing.
  2. Hand over and acceptance of drinks and food, water and sponges, support at the shoe and dress change, assistance by massages and medical service outside of the designated refreshment zone.
  3. Technical equipment: Possession or use of radio transmitters, or similar devices.

Allowed are:

  1. Smartphones, MP3 or MP4 players
  2. GPS device
  3. Devices carried personally by athletes during a race such as heart rate or speed distance monitors or stride sensors are allowed provided that such device cannot be used to communicate with any other person (except in the designated refreshment zones). The devices should only be used for storing data of the race for later analysis and should not disturb other athletes

The Race Course 

Preliminary remark:

The racecourse of the UM24 shall offer suitable conditions for international athletes to perform at their highest potential. Top-level performances at the UM24 are very important for the personal success and reputation of the athletes and enhance the organization, sponsorship and the profile of the sport. Therefore the quality of the local racecourse is a very important factor for the success of the UM24.

  1. Barriers and support: In order to ensure the safety of the race participants, barriers and/or ribbons must be placed: a) in the start and finish area to separate runners and spectators b) in the refreshment zone, to separate spectators from unguarded refreshments.
  2. If the event takes place also after dark during the night time the racecourse must be illuminated
    sufficiently (relevant especially for the 24 Hours Championships). On every point of the course, the runners should be able to look about 50 - 100m further on.
  3. The course should not contain any dangerous section.
  4. The use of the own personal drinks and food by the competitors at all official Refreshment
    Stations can be ensured and the permitted support for the athletes by friends and relatives
    in the official Refreshment Zones will be made possible at each aid station.

Race Course Measurement

  1. The calculation of the performances shall include the exact measured distance including
    centimeters. Only the calculated final distance shall be rounded down to the next full meter. Remark: For example, if an athlete covered 260 laps of 1.063,79 m in the 24 hrs, and if the
    centimeters would not be counted, the disadvantage for the athlete would amount to 205

Time Measurement

The time measurement will be carried out by two methods: By manual timekeeping and by use of an electronic transponder timing system.

  1. The electronic transponder timing system: The timing vendor should provide an extra electric power station in case of interrupted electricity.
  2. The manual time measurement: If there is an electronic time-keeping system there should be at least one manual timekeeper. This should be one of the officials of the race. The final time of each finisher must be timed and printed out by the manual timekeepers.
  3. Lap times/splits:
    • In UM24 the lap times of each competitor must be recorded separately;
    • In UM24, the hourly updates of the progress of the race must be published on a special
      information board, on paper or digital on the website. These hourly updates will be available
      also to the athletes on a central collection point.
  4. For the continual up-to-date-information also of spectators and media - that the hourly updates
    of the leading Top Ten (at least Top Five) men and women will be displayed on a big
    clearly visible 'Leader Board'.

Organization of the start and finish

  1. Start:
    • A Preferential Starting Zone for Invited athletes and Individual participants of the UM24
      must be fitted out.
    • A warming up zone (outside the start area if possible) should be available;
    • Count down procedure: the countdown before the start will follow the procedure;
    • The elapsing time will be announced: 1', 30", 15", 10", GO! (Comment: the announcement/count down of the last five seconds is the reason for "false starts"; happened also in ultra marathon races.)
  2. Finish for 6/12/24 Hours Races
    • All 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours races must be finished by the final signal given at exactly the
      appropriate fixed time after the start of the race, i.e. exactly after 06h:00min:00sec, 12h:
      00min:00sec; 24h:00min:00sec
    • Absolutely no exceptions to this rule are allowed, not even in the case of special circumstances
      like an "act of God", e.g. thunderstorms, accidents, etc. .
    • If, because of special circumstances an interruption must be made, the time of duration of
      the interruption must not be added to the official fixed period of time; e.g. in the case of a 15
      minute interruption during a 24 hour race the race must finish at exactly 24:00:00 hours (not
      24:15:00h) after the start.
    • Remark: The reason is to guarantee worldwide the same conditions and not to give the participants
      of a race an 'unfair advantage' of an additional break/rest for the duration of the
    • In the case of (a) interruptions or (b) breaking off of the race the official performances are
      • As the performance achieved until the end of the ('net') appropriate fixed time after the
        start (without any 'extra time'),
      • As the performance achieved until the time of breaking off of the race.
  3. Measurement and rating/scoring of the achieved performances.
    • The covered distances must be measured as exactly as possible. I.e. by scoring/rating the
      covered full laps and by addition of the measured 'rest meters' of the last (incomplete) lap.
    • In order to ensure the exact final positions of the athletes at the moment of the end of the
      race the following precautions will be taken:
      • The final signal, given normally by firing a gun, must be very clearly audible on the
        whole racecourse (important on large loops!).
      • The lap of the racecourse shall be divided into sections with exact measured and fixed 100m (and 50 m) marks and watched by judges, posted at these marks, at the finish of the race.
      • Each participant shall receive at the begin of the last lap a small sandbag or similar object marked with the corresponding race number of the runner - the runner
        must drop his numbered sand back immediately and vertically on the bottom while he hears
        the final signal. The referees, posted on all 100 m (50 m) marks of the loop, go back to the
        previous 100 m (50 m) mark and write (with oil chalk) the race numbers of the athletes in
        the exact finish position on the bottom of the racecourse.
      • The top three leading men and women (and the possible candidates for national or international records) shall be accompanied during the whole last lap by special judges marking the exact positions of these athletes at the moment of the final signal (with oil chalk or similar device) on the bottom of the loop.
      • Immediately after these procedures, the referees start the measurement of the 'rest meters'
        covered by all finishers during the last lap (Several measurers can start the measurement simultaneously from the fixed 100 m-marks (Start, 100 m, 200 m, 300 m, 400 m, etc.).
      • If in the case of special circumstances an accurate measurement of the 'rest meters' can
        not be guaranteed, then only the completed full laps run before the final signal must/shall be
        scored and rated as the official performances of the participants.
      • The same method of rating the completed full laps shall be used if a participant finishes the race before the end of the fixed official competition time. There is no obligation for an athlete to be present during the closing stages or laps. Performances achieved on the basis of scoring/rating of covered full laps can be recognized as national or continental or world best performances.

Refreshment/Handling Zones and Drinking/Sponging Stations

  1. At UM24 the official Refreshment/Handling Zone must be available to the athletes for each lap. The refreshment-zone must be placed on one side of the course; The official refreshment of the organizer should be provided together with the tables of the personalized F&B.
  2. Official food supply:
    • The organizer provides the official food supply accessible for all race participants in all Refreshment zones
    • Water/mineral waters without gas, electrolyte beverages, bananas and other fruits, Cola, glucose/sugar, salt (sodium chloride), biscuits etc..
    • At the end of all refreshment zones, sponges must be available.
  3. Personal food and drinks
    • The organizer must ensure that the competitors can use their own personal drinks and food at all official Refreshments Stations;
    • The organizer provides special tables, for the personal drinks and food in the Refreshment/
      Handling Zones;
    • There should also be at least 2 chairs available for the helpers;
    • All these personal drinks must be handled over between 4 and 1 hour before the race start;
    • Helpers of the athletes are permitted to bring the athletes' personal food and drinks directly to the tables in the official refreshment zone;
    • the drinks will also be placed in numeric order by race numbers.
  4. Allowed support in the Official Refreshment/Handling Zones
    • In the official Refreshment/Handling Zones the helpers may put the refreshments into the hands of the athletes;
    • Helpers may not enter the course nor obstruct any athlete. They may only hand the refreshment to the athlete either from behind or from a position no more than one meter in front or to the side of the table.
    • Helpers can support athletes for any shoe and dress change.
    • Any medical support is permitted e.g. treatment of smaller injuries, blisters, by massages, etc.
    • Transmission of information of any kind is also permitted.
    • Remark: All this support is allowed only within the Official Refreshment/Handling Zones - not in the Drinking/Sponging Stations.
  5. Toilets: These will be situated beside the running tracks...
  6. Showers are recommended in case of high-temperature conditions; The showers must be placed outside the ideal running line.

Race numbers

  1. Each participant must wear two race numbers (without any changes of the form or size), one number in front, and the other one on the back. Also in the case of bad weather conditions, both race numbers must be worn every time well visible (overall clothing).
  2. In 24 hours races, it is allowed to fix the two race numbers on an elastic band in order to make it possible to change the clothes very much faster and easier.

Scoring System

  1. This will consist of:
    • a Men's Individual race (24 hrs) and a Women's Individual race (24 hrs)
    • Overall race for men and women separately for 12 hrs, 6hrs Day and 6 hrs Night category
  2. Time limits for classification in UM24 hrs races:
    • Men: 24 hrs Gold (200km +) Silver (180km- 200km) Bronze (150-180km)
      Women: 24 hrs Gold (175km +) Silver (150 km-175km) Bronze (120-150km)
    • Men: 12 hrs Gold (120km +) Silver (100km- 120km) Bronze (85-100km)
      Women: 12 hrs Gold (110km +) Silver ( 90 km- 110km) Bronze (75- 90km)
    • Men: 6 hrs Gold (70km +) Silver (60km- 70km) Bronze (55-60km)
      Women: 6 hrs Gold (65km +) Silver (55km- 65km) Bronze (50-55km)
    • Certificates will be issued with the distance results recorded.
  3. The men's race and the women's race are two separate competitions, but both may be started and run simultaneously.
  4. Award winners:
    • 24 hours- Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women
    • 12 hours- Top 3 overall (no separate men and women category)
    • 6 hours- Top 3 overall Day & Top 3 Overall Night Category
    • (D1 and D2 combined, N1 and N2 combined, no separate men & women category)


  1. Generally: In the 24 hours races and all other events over a determined time (e.g. 6 hours, 12 hours) the competitors may rest at any reasonable period. There is no obligation on them to be present during the closing stages or laps. The covered full laps will be scored and possible achieved best performances may be recognised.
  2. Longer breaks: A longer break must be announced at the lap counting station and the break must begin and end at the starting line (electronic timing 'station').
  3. Short breaks: A short rest in the official Refreshment/Handling Zone for drinking, shoe or dress change, use of toilet, use of medical support etc. is always possible without announcement of the break - but the athlete must leave and enter the race course at the same point.
  4. Change of running direction: In the small lapped 24 hours races the organisers may arrange for competitors to reverse the running direction at fixed times (e.g. 4 hours or 6 hours) during the race.

Medical Support/Medical Staff

  1. An official Medical Staff Group, consisting of physicians, first aid paramedics and masseurs, shall be appointed by the organising committee.
  2. The official Medical Staff Group shall be clearly identified by corresponding armbands and vests.
  3. The Medical Staff Group looks after the safety of the participants, the responsible medical doctor can remove athletes from the race, when it will be irresponsible in his opinion to continue the race.
  4. The use of the medical support from the official Medical Staff Group by the athletes is allowed also out of the official Refreshment/Handling Zone.

Result lists of UM24

  1. Provisional result lists: The provisional result lists shall be published as soon as possible as athletes finish, on a special well visible information board. The time of the publication of each edition shall be noted on the result list.
  2. Final result lists: The final official result lists, shall be published as soon as possible after the finish of the
    race, at the latest however 1 hour before the Victory Ceremony.
  3. Each page of the printed result list must contain also the date and the venue of the competition.
  4. Remarks according performances: Distance results: The performance must be indicated in kilometres and meters, e.g. 290,221 km. Centimetres always must be rounded DOWN to the next full meter.
  5. Separate result lists for men and women must be made and published.

Protests and Appeals

  1. Protests concerning the result or conduct of the UM24 or concerning athletes acting in unsporting manner or committing an offence under the basic competition rules can be made within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the results of the event.
  2. Any protest shall, in the first instance, be made orally to the Race Director by the athlete himself or by an authorized person acting on behalf of the athlete.
  3. The Race Director may decide on the protest or may refer the matter to the Jury of Appeal. If the Race Director makes a decision, there shall be a right of appeal to the Jury.
  4. An appeal to the Jury of Appeal must be made within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the decision by the Referee, in writing.

Jury of Appeal

  1. At UM24 a Jury of Appeal, which should normally consist of three persons, shall be appointed.
  2. The primary functions of the Jury of Appeal shall be to deal with the protests submitted by the athletes.
  3. The decisions of the Jury of Appeal shall be final.
  4. Remark: Only in the event of that new conclusive evidence is presented the Jury may reconsider
    the decision.

Technical MeetingThe compulsory Technical Meeting for the athletes will take place 1 hour before the race start on race day.

The general regulations and the special race rules will be explained by the UM24 organizer.  
to the athletes.


Entry List