Endurance Nature (EN) is founded by Malaysia's leading ultrarunners in 2014 with the objectives of:

  1. Creating a world class running arena/platform in Malaysia that is vibrant, influential and participatory by both domestic and international running communities.
  2. Organizing running events throughout the whole of Malaysia where by international participation is actively promoted;
  3. Promoting and educating Malaysian running community on running (both road and trails);
  4. Promoting Malaysia tourism through domestic and international participation in these running events;
  5. Providing coaching (online and offline) and training camps on running;
  6. Promoting and conducting sports seminar, educational and motivational speaking to schools, colleges, corporate companies and any other interested organizations.

Ng Seow Kong

53 years old, Chief Financial Officer by profession, UK MBA, Council Member and Fellow of Chartered Management Accountants (UK); 35 years running experience, completed about 110 marathons (40 of which are ultramarathons) in 40 countries and 80 cities; First Malaysians to have run marathons on 7 continents + North Pole; Have run adventure/ extreme ultra marathons in North Pole, Antarctica, Everest Base Camp, Great Wall of China, Amazon Jungle, Sahara Desert, Himalaya mountains , the Alps.... 30 years of corporate management experience.      

Allan Lee

40 years old, Sea products distributor (family business); 7 years running experience, completing about 20 marathons (including 10 ultra marathon events). A local Top 10 triathlete and Ironman in his age group; An avid mountain climber and long distance swimmer; Founder and core runner of 1st edition of non-stop-relay, 2100km Tour De Malaysia Run in 2013; Organizer of Titi 100, Malaysia's first ultra road marathon in 2013; 2013 - First and fastest Malaysian to complete the 168k Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in France in 38 hours at high altitude. 2012-213- Gold Award (under 16hrs) in Vibram Hong Kong 100km trail race; 2012- Champion in Philippines Taklang Damulag 100miles Endurance Run; 2012- Champion in River Jungle Marathon 2012.