Tour of Peninsula Series 2021 Sepang to KL

Pekan Sepang, Negeri Sembilan
31 December 2021

Tour of Peninsula Series 2021 Sepang to KL



Pekan Sepang, Negeri Sembilan

Time & Date

31 December 2021 (Tuesday)

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Race Category

The Ultra


Race Concept

This 1 day ultra event joins the final stage of The Malaysian Book of Records attempt to run 2,200+ kilometres around the Peninsula. As with all the other events in the Tour of Peninsula Ultra Series its intention is to promote and celebrate the culture, countryside and vibrant colors of the Malaysian Peninsula as well as encourage and promote running to the people on the Malaysian peninsula.

Overview of Route / Stages




Distance (kms)

Cut Off Time (COT)

The Ultra

Pekan Sepang, Negeri Sembilan

Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur




Starting Venue : Sepang, Negeri Sembilan                         Finish Venue : Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

Race date : 31st December 2021                                            Start time : 4am, Cut off time : 4pm, Distance : 66km

Route Description : The route heads directly North from the start before taking a left turn to visit the Sepang International Race Track. The Ultra Runners will then return to the road heading north and go through the small town of Salak and continue winding northwards. The route eventually threads its way between Putrajaya and Bangi into the suburbs to the south of Kuala Lumpur. Shortly after Bangi it will enter The University Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus and emerge in Serdang. It will continue on into Seri Kerbangan. On reaching the area near to The Selangor Turf Club and The Mines it will turn sharply left and head west towards The National Stadium at Bukit Jalil. From here the route goes through Sri Petaling and ends up on Jalan Klang Lama. It then tracks the Klang River into the city centre. Along the way it will pass KL Sentral (KL's new central transportation hub) and the original Kuala Lumpur train station which is famed for being built with elegant dome-capped pavilions along its roof line. Shortly after this the route arrives at its final destination at Merdeka Square with its equally impressive architecture of The Sultan Abdul Samad Building that was completed in 1897. 

Route Profile : The Ultra - 66KM

Elevation Profile : The Ultra - 66KM - Elevation

Event & Registration Information:

Entry Fees :

Endurance Nature events are open to all irrespective of nationality/residency and the costs of entry and subsequent terms and conditions apply to all participants equally.

Also Endurance Nature is a supporter of MURA (The Malaysian Ultra Runners Association) and offers its members a discount to all its Ultra distance events. 

To be eligible for MURA member discount, applicants need to be MURA members 15 days before each period (early bird, standard and late).


Fees are in Malaysian Ringgits (MYR)

Fees exclude the Race Registration fee levied by our appointed Race Registration Portal

The fee includes the following:

Medical Support during the event

Event tee for finishers;

A downloadable e-certificate;

A Minimum Contribution to the Orang Asli Charity/Cause

The fee does not include:

Accommodation for runners and support crews;
Food and beverages for the runner and the crews throughout the entire duration of the race;
All expenses related to the support car and crews. Runners will bare/share these expenses separately.

Our registration portals (Runners Unite) fees that are usually 6%

Event Details :

The most important detail of this event is that it is unsupported. This means that it will be the participants responsibility to carry/source their own nutrition and hydration for each stage.

The second most important detail is that the route will be unmarked. Other than at the start and finish there there is no signage to guide participants.

A gpx file with the route and a route narrative will be provided to each participant. It will be their responsibility to keep to the correct course.

Race Pack Collection

You may collect them at Pekan Sepang, Negeri Sembilan at a venue to be advised either on the afternoon/evening of 30th December 2021 or at the starting venue from 3am to 3:45am , Friday 31st December 2021 before the race starts at 4am

T-Shirt Sizing

TOP 2021 - Event schedule



3:45 AM

Race briefing

4:00 AM

Flag off


Cut Off @ Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

Image Rights :

Each participant expressly forgoes his/her image rights for the photos taken for the duration of the race, and undertakes not to take any action against the organisers and their authorised partners for the use of his/her image.

Rules and Regulations for Runners in Ultra Distance Categories...

Given the reasonable race fee for all events under the Tour of Peninsula Ultra Event Series (ToP) 2021 the primary rule is that runners will run these events on a self sufficient basis. To avoid any confusion self sufficiency is defined as follows...


  • Runners must complete the set course on foot by their own power and ability within the stipulated time;

  • There are no organised water station points on the race course. Water will only be organised for runners at the start and finish when runners will need to have their own drinking cup/container suitable for the purpose of decanting water into.

  • No pacers are allowed to run along with the runners for any part of the course.

  • No personal assistance (a support crew) is allowed.

Runners Responsibility

Race support

  • Due to the definition of "self sufficiency" in terms of their being no aid stations all race participants must prepare and carry their own food and beverages for the whole duration of their race. Additionally, they must carry sufficient cash to purchase additional and/or emergency supplies along the way;

  • Participants may rest and sleep along the route so long as they ensure that they are in a safe location. 

Code of Conduct

  • The participants must respect all the organizers, referees, workers, medical staffs and volunteers. Any competitor found violating this rule shall be penalized.

  • The participants must abide by every article of Malaysia's laws and regulations and respect the local customs and religious beliefs.

  • If a participant encounters a safety issue which would endanger him or her, or other personnel (including other participants, organizers, staff, medical personnel and volunteers etc.), the competitor is required to report the issue to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, and describe the issue in detail to the organizers.

  • If a participant see's another participant in distress they must stop and offer assistance. Not to do so would be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and could be penalised. 

Right of Final Interpretation

The Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of all documents relevant to the race.

Rules & regulations

1. All events in the Tour of Peninsula Ultra Event Series (ToP) 2021 are open to the general public who are 18 or over, including international runners with a valid passport;

2.  Race entry fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-deferrable;

3.  Change of category or other details will not be allowed after race entry has been confirmed. If the Participant wish, he/she can make another new registration to change to another category;

4.  The Organisers reserve the right to limit, accept or reject any entries without prior notice and reasons;

5.  The Organisers reserve the right to close the entries before the announced deadline without any notice or when the quota for the allocated slots have been fully taken up;

6.  The Organisers reserve the right to prevent/stop a Participant from racing or continuing to race should he/she fail to follow the rules and regulation of the race;

7.  Whilst the organisers will take every possible steps and measures to ensure the safety of the Participant, the Participant is taking part at entirely his/her own risks and the Organisers, their sponsors, their appointed officials and volunteers shall not be liable for any death or injury, loss or damage, suffered or otherwise and however arising;

8.  The Organisers reserve the right to stop any Participants from continuing with the race if the participants are deemed to be physically incapable of continuing with the race, so as to avoid causing him/her greater harm/injury to himself or herself;

9.   The Organisers reserve the right to change the event date and event venue at their own discretion;

10.  The Organisers reserve the right to use any photographs (including those of Participants), motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising; As a result, each participant expressly foregoes his/her image rights for the photos taken for the duration of the race, and undertakes not to take any action against the organisers and their authorised partners for the use of his/her image.

11.  Participants must agree to receive from the organisers from time to time emails, SMS blast. Any notice sent by email from The Organisers or the party assigned by the Organisers to the supplied address on the registration form shall be assumed as received by the Participant. 

12.  The Organisers reserve the right to delay the commencement of the race in the event of inclement weather or any form of acts of God (haze, flood, lightning, thunderstorm, typhoons and etc).  Should the above mentioned conditions persist after the delay, deemed to be unsafe or impossible to proceed, the Organisers reserve the right to cancel the race without any refunds of fees or donations paid unless the Organisers have considerations to give a refund and The Organisers shall not be held liable for any loss or inconvenience caused. 

13.  The organisers reserve the right to amend the Rules & Regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.

14.  Completion of the registration form and payment indicate that the Participant's agreement to abide by the above rules and regulation of the race.

Mandatory Items...

By entering the race, each runner undertakes to take with him/her all the mandatory items as listed below throughout the race.

Failure to do so will result in application of the time penalties or disqualification.

Mandatory items (gear checks will be carried out on all runners before the race starts, and spot checks may be carried out along the route during the race):

For All Runners:

Own cups/container;

For All Ultra Runners

  1. Headlamp x 1, spare batteries; Participants must ensure that they wear these during the hours of darkness before 7am and after 7pm;

  2. Rear Blinking lights; Participants must ensure that they wear these during the hours of darkness before 7am and after 7pm
  3. Basic Emergency First Aid Kit
  4. Whistle

  5. Cash for supplies

  6. Route Map/Instructions and Elevation Map;

  7. GPS watch or portable device to navigate/record their way during the race.

  8. Mobile phone & Battery Pack 

Recommended (not compulsory):

Sport foods & Gels; 

Rucksack or waist bag;

Bladder or Bottles for carrying fluid 

Head gear or cap or bandana; 


Sun UV block;

Rain Jacket

Emergency Blanket

Race Course Markings

The race course is NOT marked. Runners must follow the directions given by the race organiser in the route narrative and/or gpx files that can be downloaded from the race briefing email that they'll receive before the event; 


  1. In order to ensure race safety, race organiser will prepare and arrange for rescue and medical assistance during the race. However, each participant must recognise and understand that there are risks of injuries and/or accidents associated with trail running. Runners are participating in this race at his/her own risk;

  2. While the race organiser has purchased Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance coverage (hospitalisation) for this event, it is strongly recommended that the runners obtained an adequate Personal Accident Insurance coverage for himself;

  3. If necessary, and in the interests of the person being rescued, at the exclusive discretion of the organisers, the official medical rescue services may be called upon to take over operations, using any means they consider appropriate, including an ambulance. Any costs deriving from such exceptional transport will be charged to the person who has been rescued;

  4. Depending on the runner's health condition, an emergency evacuation may be required. This emergency evacuation will be at the expenses of the person being rescued;

  5. The official race medical assistants are authorised to withdraw from the competition any runners that they consider as unfit to continue or are in danger. The runner bib will be removed as part of the DNF (Did Not Finish) procedures;

  6. If a runner drops out from the race, the runner must first inform and register with the race headquarters on the mobile number provided on the race bib. Proper "DNF" procedure should be followed and completed before the runner is allowed to leave the event:

  7. In case of an emergency, if you are unable to reach the race headquarters, you can also call the public emergency number '999' directly for help;

  8. The race organisers reserves the right to implement any additional measures at any time to enhance and protect the safety of the race and the runners before the race and during the race.


Suggestions must be in writing and must be presented after the closing ceremony of the event at the finishing point or sent to


  1. The organisers reserve the rights, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes to the route and checkpoints/water station points or to the time deadlines;

  2. In the event of adverse weather conditions (a strong depression with heavy rain), the start of the race may be postponed for 6 hours at most, after which time the race will be cancelled;

  3. Where necessary, the organisers reserve the rights to make changes to or eliminate certain stretches of the route.

Entry List


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