Coast 2 Coast 444km

19-24 July 2019



19 - 24 

JULY 2019



C2C 444KM






7.30am, 19 July -

12.30pm, 24 July

OBJECTIVE The objective of the race is to promote ultra running of super long distance on Malaysian road network system, based on the multiday single stage format.  Such format has become the growing trend in recent years in other countries like the trail version in Tor des Geants (330km), Ultra Trail Gobi Race (400km), Grand Union Canal Run (237km), the road version of Across Taiwan 250k, Trans Korea (South to North) 622k, and the Trans Korea (West to East) 302k.

TOUR DE MALAYSIA RUN SERIES As part of the Tour de Malaysia Run series, which consists of Tour de Malaysia Run (around the whole of Peninsular Malaysia -2100km, and Trans Peninsular from Padang Besar to Johor Bahru- 880km), Coast to Coast 444km will take runners from Lumut on the west coast in the state of Perak, going eastward towards and crossing the Titiwangsa mountain range, passing through the beautiful Lake Kenyir area before arriving at Batu Buruk beach on the east coast state of Terengganu.

RACE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED This race does not aim to appeal to every ultra runner. This is a race for seasoned veteran ultra runners who crave for greater challenges.  Rookie and newbie ultra runners should take this as one of their ultimate challenge after having completed at least a number of 100km races, preferably with a few more 100 miles or 200km+ races as well. We therefore expect a basic pool of local seasoned ultra runners, and some experienced international runners to take part in this event.  Runners are required to register for the race, and only those who are deemed qualified will be invited to join the race.

CATEGORIES There will be 2 categories in this event:
a).  C2C 444k - From Marina Island, Lumut to Batu Burk Beach at Kuala Terengganu, with cutoff of 125 hours;
b).  LGM 238k - From Marina Island, Lumut to Gua Musang in Pahang, with cutoff time of 64 hours.  
10x C2C 444k will be the minimum number of runners required to proceed with the race organization.  A maximum of 50 in total for both categories is set to ensure race quality and safety. 

PAST EDITION In the inaugural edition held in 2017,  there were 11 runners in the C2C 444km category, and 1 runner in the LGM 238km category.  10 completed the C2C 444km within the 120 hours cut off time, and the only runner in the LGM 238km completed the run too within cutoff time of 60 hours.  As a result of this run, we have decided to increase the cutoff time of C2C 444km to 125 hours.

C2C Complete Course

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Sector 1

Lumut to Sri Iskandar

Sector 2

Seri Iskandarto Kampung Pos Raya

SECTOR 3 (Part 1)

Kampung Pos Rayato Moon River Lodge

SECTOR 3 (Part 2)

Kampung Pos Rayato Moon River Lodge


Moon River Lodgeto Kampung Blau


Kampung Blau to Gua Musang


Gua Musangto Shell - Felda Chiku


Shell - Felda Chikuto Lake Kenyir


Lake Kenyir to Kampung Sungai Gawi


Kampung Sungai Gawito Kampung Gemuroh


Kampung Gemuroh to Batu Burok Beach

CP No.CP NameDistance between CPsAccumulated DistanceHrs for Each SectorElapsed HoursCheckout Time (hrs)Checkout Date
 StartLumut - Marina Island----073019 July
CP1Seri Iskandar49.8 km49.8 km8.5 hours8.5 hours160019 July
CP2Kampung Pos Raya50.8 km100.6 km10.0 hours18.5 hours020020 July
CP3Moon River Lodge51.2 km152.0 km20.5 hours39.0 hours223020 July
CP4Kampong Blau45.0 km197.0 km12.0 hours51.0 hours103021 July
CP 5Gua Musang51.0 km238.0 km13.0 hours64.0 hours233021 July
CP 6Shell - Felda Chiku42.3 km278.4 km11.0 hours75.0 hours103022 July
CP 7Lake Kenyir49.8 km328.2 km16.0 hours91.0 hours023023 July
CP 8R&R Gawi53.5 km381.7 km19.0 hours110.0 hours213023 July
CP 9Kampung Sungai Ikan40.8 km422.5 km10.0 hours120.0 hours073024 July
FinishBatu Buruk Beach21.1 km443.6 km5.0 hours125.0 hours123024 July

  • The organizers do not set up compulsory rest stations. The participants are free to organize their own rest length based on their physical condition, provided they check out before the compulsory check out time as stated in the above table;
  • The participants must not stay for more than an hour at any place along the race course, other than at an official rest station. If a competitor stops for more than an hour at non-designation checkpoints, the organizers shall consider it to be an indication of a physical problem and shall carry out a health check, and then, in accordance with the medical regulations of the race, shall decide if the competitor is fit to continue.

Health Requirements 

Every competitor must present a medical certificate of being in good health acquired within three months before the race date. The following medical conditions will prevent the competitor from taking part in the race: heart disease (including congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease and so on), myocarditis, coronary artery disease, severe arrhythmia, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes with much high blood sugar, as well as any other medical condition deemed unsuitable for taking part in this extreme race. Every competitor must fill out the Participation Statement completely, and when check-in before the race, re-confirmation and re-signature will be required.

Age Requirements 
Participants must be between 18 and 70 years old.

Race Experience Required for C2C 444km
- Has previously completed C2C before;
- At least finish one 100Km road race(within 14 hours); or
- Finish at least 3x 100km road races; or finish a 100 mile or more race; within two years before registration date ;

Race Experience Required for LGM 236km
- Has previously completed LGM 238km or C2C 444km;
- At least finish one 100Km road race within two years before registration date ;

* The fee includes the following:

  1. Welcome dinner in Lumut;
  2. Award dinner in Kuala Terengganu;
  3. GPS Tracking device;
  4. Medics and physiotherapy support during the whole race;
  5. Race timing by Raceyaya;
  6. Use of facilities (including sleeping facilities) at various checkpoints including at Moon River Lodge (CP3)
  7. Event tee for the runner, and for 2 support crew members;
  8. Finisher trophies, medals, and e certificate;

The fee does not include:

  1. Welcome dinner for support crews;
  2. Award dinner for support crews;
  3. Accommodation for runners and support crews in Lumut and Kuala Terengganu;
  4. Food and beverages for the runner and the crews throughout the entire duration of the race;
  5. All expenses related to the support car and crews.  Runners will bear these expenses separately.  

  • Based on our 2017 experience, all runners must have their own     support crew to ensure maximum amount of support and safety; Runners who have difficulty finding support crews can ask the organizer to help in finding the support car (could be the crews' own cars or rental car, this is to be decided by the runners with their own crews).Participants may rest and sleep in the support car, provided the car remains stationery during that period;  any participants who are found or deemed to have traveled in the support car during the race will be disqualified;
  • Race participants and their crews must prepare their own food and beverages for the whole duration of their race before and after the finish;
  • Race participants may leave their belongings in their support car during the race; they will not be allowed to leave drop bags with the organizers or at the check points
  • Support crews are allowed to pace the runners, but only one at a time during the race, and the pacer must either be in front or behind the runner;

  • 2x working headlamps; plus spare batteries enough for 125 hours; Participants must ensure that they wear the headlamps during the dark hours from 7pm to 7am;
  • Reflective vest, and blinkers must be worn at all times during the night hours of the race;
  • Mobile phone- participants must ensure that their phones are adequately charged at all times to allow them to make calls or receive calls;
  • GPS watch or portable device which will help runners to navigate their ways during the race.
  • There will be no drop bags allowed or accepted;

  • An observation period of 3 hours is set for participants after they apply to quit the race. At any time during this observation period, participants can withdraw their application and apply for continuing the race. A competitor has only one chance to apply for returning and continuing during the race.
  • After the application to continue is received, the permission is based on the judgment of personnel with relevant qualification (including medical personnel's judgment if forced quitting not applicable, the referees' judgment if violating race rules not applicable, the race director's agreement, and other judgment required). There might be 3 hours' time penalty for the participants who successfully return to the race.
  • After the observing period, participants should sign DNF statement officially. Once signed, the competitor can never go back to continue the race.
  • About help from others: During the race, the participants who accept the rescue or help from others (not including the help from other participants), will be deemed as quitting the race automatically, except for observing period for the participants who has applied for quitting.
  • Transportation after the DNF: If at all possible, the participants should try to DNF at the major checkpoints above; The support crews of the runners shall be responsible for transporting the DNF participants and their belongings to the nearest towns/cities as decided by the runners and the crews. There's no consideration for DNF participants to tag along the Organizer's support vehicles, which will be carrying support equipment, materials and accessories.  DNF Participants should not expect to be able to follow the Organizers all the way to the Finish Points, although we may try to work out something as much as we can.
  • All participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs before and after the race.  The organizer will arrange centralized official race hotel at the start and finish of the race, especially for international runners.  If possible and necessary, a suitable vehicle will be chartered at the cost of the participants to the starting point at Lumut. 
  • Personal Luggage: The runners will be responsible for the transportation of their own luggage.

  • The participants must respect all the organizers, referees, workers, medical staffs and volunteers. Any competitor found violating this rule shall be penalized.
  • The participants must abide by every article of Malaysia's laws and regulations and respect the local customs and religious beliefs.
  • If a participant encounters a safety issue which would endanger him or her, or other personnel (including other participants, organizers, staff, medical personnel and volunteers etc.), the competitor is required to report the issue to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, and describe the issue in detail to the organizers upon arriving

[Right of Final interpretation]

  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of all documents relevant to the race.


  • The measurements are according to the chest size of the shirt. If you are measuring your own chest, do allow two inches of space i.e. if your chest is 36 inches wide, you should select a 38-inch shirt.

18 July1830Pre race Party
19 July0645Arrival of runners at the Start
19 July0730Start of C2C and LGM
19 July1600Check out COT at Seri Iskandar
20 July0200Check out COT at Kampong Pos Raya
20 July2230Check out COT at Moon River Lodge
21 July1030Check out COT at Kampung Blau
21 July2330COT for LGM at Gua Musang
22 July0000Check out COT at Gua Musang
22 July1030Check out COT at Shell Felda Chiku
23 July0230Check out COT at Tasik Kenyir
23 July2130Check out COT at R&R Gawi
24 July0730Check out COT at Kampung Sungai Ikan
24 July1230COT of C2C at Batu Buruk Beach
24 July1830Award Ceremony in Kuala Terengganu (at own costs of participants)

  1. Coast to Coast is open to the general public, including international runners with valid passport;
  2. Race entry fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-deferrable;
  3. Change of category or other details will not be allowed after race entry has been confirmed. If the Participant wish, he/she can make another new registration to change to another category;
  4. The Organizers reserve the right to limit, accept or reject any entries without prior notice and reasons;
  5. The Organizers reserve the right to close the entries before the announced deadline without any notice or when the quota for the allocated slots have been fully taken up;
  6. The Organizers reserve the right to prevent/stop a Participant from racing or continuing to race should he/she fail to follow the rules and regulation of the race;
  7. Whilst the organizers will take every possible steps and measures to ensure the safety of the Participant, the Participant is taking part at his/her entire own risks and the Organizers, their sponsors, their appointed officials and volunteers shall not be liable for any death or injury, loss or damage, suffered or otherwise and however arising;
  8. The Organizers reserve the right to stop any Participants from continuing with the race if the participants are deemed to be physically incapable of continuing with the race, so as to avoid causing him/her greater harm/injury to himself or herself;
  9. The Organizers reserve the right to change the event date and event venue at their own discretion;
  10. The Organizers reserve the right to use any photographs (including those of Participants), motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this event for any legitimate purpose, including commercial advertising;
  11. Participants must agree to receive from the organizers from time to time emails, SMS blast. Any notice sent by email from The Organizers or the party assigned by the Organizers to the supplied address on the registration form shall be assumed as received by the Participant.
  12. The Organizers reserve the right to delay the commencement of the race in the event of inclement weather or any form of acts of God (haze, flood, lightning, thunderstorm, typhoons and etc). Should the above mentioned conditions persist after the delay, deemed to be unsafe or impossible to proceed, the Organizers reserve the right to cancel the race without any refunds of fees or donations paid unless the Organizers have considerations to give a refund and The Organizers shall not be held liable for any loss or inconvenience caused.
  13. The organizers reserve the right to amend the Rules & Regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.
  14. Completion of the registration form and payment indicate that the Participant's agreement to abide by the above rules and regulation of the race.